MHP World Log Lift Championship 2011

12 february 2011.

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News and Events

MHP World Log Lift Championship 20112011.01.11

12 february,15:00p.m.(local time) Siemens arena Vilnius, Lithuania.

Eurocom Europe Log Lift championship 20092009.11.26

Kaunas, Lithuania 21 November 2009, 16:00 p:m (local time) Kauno Akropolis

Champion title goes to Z.Savickas2008.11.18

Zydrunas Savickas has won a gold medal and claimed the champion title in the world's first Log lift championship in Vilnius.

SCL World Log Lift championship 20082008.11.14

Vilnius, Lithuania 16 november 2008, 15:00 p:m (local time) Vilniaus Volkswagen centras
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