MHP World Log Lift Championship 2011

12 february 2011.

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Equipment and rules

  • A stainless steel standardized log will be used in an official competition.
  • Starting weight: 170 kg.
  • Increasing weight is 5 kg, for world record 2.5 kg.
  • Platform sizes: 2,8mx2,8m
  • Using the head is not allowed.
  • Back dropping after the attempt is not allowed
  • Feet must be in one line
  • Elbows must be locked out for at least 1 second and steady standing.
  • Only one elbow warmer is allowed (just one arm)


  • All athletes have 3 attempts.
  • Only for world record athletes can use 4 attempt, if his result is closer then 10 kg to world record. The 4e attempt doesn’t t count for the competition.
  • For one attempt the athlete have 60 sec. time limit.
  • After the athlete is invited , he must start in 30 sec.


  • 3 referees are required.
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